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Whether you run a local business or target a global market, to expand your profit margins, it follows that you also have to expand your client base. A large part of increasing your reach is connecting with customers in areas beyond your locale—usually by way of a company website or eCommerce hosting platform. Growing businesses in Florida rely on services offering eCommerce fulfillment—Broward County and neighboring areas’ local businesses thrive with the right nudge toward exponential growth. In this article, we will touch on what eCommerce fulfillment is, the kinds of businesses that benefit from them, and why it’s important to do your research and select the right order fulfillment company for your brand.

What Is eCommerce Fulfillment Service?

Also called “order fulfillment,” eCommerce fulfillment service is the blanket term for all of the processes involved in satisfying a customer’s needs—from inventory storage and management to packaging, shipping, delivery, and returns. One extremely prevalent example of this is Amazon order fulfillment, which enables businesses selling their wares on the platform to package, deliver, and potentially exchange their items with a seamless customer experience. In short, eCommerce fulfillment is the process of delivering an ordered product correctly and on time to the proper customer, thereby satisfying their order.

What Kinds of Businesses Rely on Fulfillment Services?

You don’t have to operate on an eCommerce platform like Amazon or Shopify in order to look into order fulfillment services; even mom-and-pop shops with a local client base can sell their goods far and wide, so long as they have a good website and ordering system. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, entirely virtual or brick-and-mortar…if you have an interested customer base farther away from your inventory, you will need a reliable order fulfillment service to connect your customers with your offerings. Examples of businesses that can benefit from eCommerce fulfillment services include:

·      Clothing companies

·      Specialty food or grocery delivery

·      Music-related merchandise

·      Tools or niche hobby industries

·      Canine products or other pet care

·      Collectible items

·      And more

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Why Choosing a Good eCommerce Fulfillment Company is Important

Laboring over storing, packaging, shipping, and handling returns on an individual order basis is not only time-consuming but inefficient. Especially for businesses looking to scale up and grow their customer reach, working with a reliable and experienced order fulfillment company can provide a significant boost in the right direction, helping companies to succeed beyond their current levels. Other benefits of choosing to work with eCommerce fulfillment Broward County and beyond include:

1.     Optimized inventory management: Especially if your business offers perishable goods, keeping an accurate, timely account of what you have in your warehouse through every stage of the delivery process is crucial. An experienced order fulfillment service will keep track of your product from the moment it arrives at your warehouse to the instant it is delivered at your customer’s front door—and sometimes even beyond, in the case of returns and exchanges. This can prevent unnecessary inventory expenditures, wasted product, and help inform price points for various products, including offering discounts or promotions on slow-moving merchandise.

2.     Increased profit margins: Did we mention that businesses can decrease unnecessary spending while also getting the most out of their current inventory by investing in eCommerce fulfillment Broward County. The better you are able to precisely manage your company’s money and liquid cash, the better you will be able to reward employees, add to your product line, and offer superior delivery services.

3.     Boosted efficiency means opportunity for exponential growth: It follows that the more expeditiously and effectively a company is able to serve its customers, the better equipped it will be to take the time to look at important, business growth decisions rather than getting tied down in the logistics of order fulfillment. This can include strategic marketing strategies, website development, product sourcing, and more.

4.     Better employee morale: Ask yourself, as an employer—would you rather be monotonously ticking boxes and managing inventory, or using your energy and brainpower to come up with creative forward steps for the company in a collaborative environment? By outsourcing dull, repetitive, and uninspiring tasks to an eCommerce fulfillment service in Broward County, you can open up new possibilities for your existing employees to step into more meaningful roles.

5.     Improved customer relations: In an age where many customers expect instant gratification, most customers—whether in America or across the globe—expect not only satisfactory customer service but exceptional, bar-raising treatment. This includes everything from quality packaging to timely delivery, order tracking, and ease of returns. The better the experience you are able to offer your customer, the more likely they will return for your goods or services or recommend your brand to others—which can be a part of your long-term customer acquisition strategy!

Best eCommerce Fulfillment Broward County

If you’re looking for eCommerce fulfillment, Broward County and the neighboring areas are best served by Kore Logistics, Inc, an experienced and holistic order fulfillment company offering everything from warehousing and inventory management to international freight. Working with the right logistics company can help growing businesses develop a strong customer base, broaden their reach, increase profit margins, and even improve the company culture.

If you’re ready to get your business on track for exponential expansion, call the professionals at Kore Logistics today for a no-obligation consultation–allow us to serve you!